Financing An RV

Are you ready to begin your RV lifestyle but feeling unsure about the financial commitment? Tyssen Trailers understands how exciting the idea of RV travel is, which is why we work hard to help you feel confident in your purchase. Get approved today by filling out a financing application with us contact us to get started on your application!

Tyssen Trailers is one of the best RV dealers in the GTA. It is a hassle-free process to choose the perfect RV for your family and finance it with some of the nation’s leading lenders. Our finance manager negotiates with banks on your behalf to obtain the best loan terms possible. Our goal is to make the process is convenient and easy for you!

A Helpful RV Financing Q&A

What if I have bad credit?
If you’ve had financial difficulties resulting in a low credit score or poor credit history, owning an RV may be easier than you think. Many people who assume they can not afford an RV may be surprised to learn about the great lending options available. Though you may incur a higher interest rate, our finance department will ensure that your monthly payment is affordable. We are here to help.

How long are RV loan terms?
Loan terms will vary depending on the unit’s age and the amount that you are financing. Loans range in terms from 8 to 20 years. If you plan on paying off your loan in a shorter time period, there are simple interest loans available with no penalty for an early payoff.
How much do banks require for a down payment?
Most banks require 10% cash or trade equity for a down payment.

How much will my payment be?
Monthly RV payments are determined by the loan amount and term length. Depending on these variables, your payments could be as low as $100 a month. With low rates like this, you can enjoy the RV lifestyle of your dreams without financial worries.

A used RV from Tyssen Trailers is a great money-saving option when a brand new travel trailer isn’t necessarily what you need. We offer used RVs for sale in Ontario, but people come from all over Canada to view our vast selection. Our professional RV technicians complete a thorough pre-trip inspection so you can feel confident in the quality of our used inventory. 

Why Should I Buy A Used RV?


Many people choose to save money by purchasing a used car, and a used RV is no different. By the time a new RV makes it from the lot to your driveway, it depreciates 30%. Within the next two years, it can depreciate again by as much as 20%. If having the newest model isn’t a top priority, browse used RVs and avoid the 50% depreciation!

History And Reviews

An older RV model is usually going to have more documented history. Thanks to the online community, you’ll be able to find more information on pre owned RVs than you would find on new ones. Reading reviews about your potential RV purchases can help you make a final decision on the best option for you.

Online reviews can be invaluable when it comes to choosing an RV. There are families, retirees, individuals, friends, and groups of all kinds writing reviews on the internet, so you’re bound to find someone in a similar situation who has fallen in love with an RV that you might just love too. You can also learn important information on RV repair, parts availability, and quirks or features that may only come to light after a few years of use.


Depending on your budget, buying a used RV can mean more money on upgrades and design changes! Many people enjoy redoing their RV so that it reflects their personality. It can also be more enjoyable to travel in an environment that fits your tastes and preferences. Tyssen Trailers has a variety of parts for leveling up your RV.

Here are some ideas for upgrading a used RV to make it feel fresh:

  • Replace the mattress
  • Replace carpet with laminate
  • Install solar panels
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Replace shower and faucet heads


If you’re an eco-conscious traveler, you probably already have concerns about using an RV due to its environmental effects. Buying a used RV means giving life to a vehicle that may have otherwise sat in a driveway or lot for the rest of its functional life.

Buying a used RV is a great option for anyone who loves the idea of exploring in an RV travel trailer, but wants to have a lower impact on the environment. As mentioned above, the extra money you may have left over from buying used instead of new can be used to make energy-efficient upgrades to your RV such as installing solar panels, replacing all lighting with LED bulbs, or switching to a water-saving shower head.

Embrace The RV Lifestyle

Tyssen Trailers has the best selection of Finance Department! Our financing options are the quickest way to start your RV adventures. Browse our inventory today and contact us if you have any questions about choosing the RV of your dreams.